6 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Construction Firm

Commercial Construction Firm

Choosing the right contractor to design or construct a commercial building can make a vast difference in the finished structure’s quality and durability. However, not every contractor has adequate skills and experience to carry out the job as per your satisfaction. Therefore, you must thoroughly research all available options before deciding on a commercial construction firm to entrust your project with. 

Here we discuss six factors you should consider when choosing a commercial construction firm:


With commercial construction, the most vital credential a company must have is proper professional licensing. Always ask to see documentation relating to the contractor’s license. It’s also critical to hire a company with an active insurance policy to cover staff damages and injury. It shows they are a professional corporation that is in full compliance with the laws in your state. 


To accurately assess whether a builder is a reliable hire, ask them to provide references. You should always call those references to ensure that their past work has not been substandard and that their previous customers remain satisfied with their services. It will help you determine if the company is a suitable fit for your project and its objectives.


From the project’s commencement until its completion, the project owner and the contractor will spend a lot of time together. Therefore, they both need to work closely throughout the construction period. The business owner must ask as many questions as possible during the interview sessions to ensure that both parties are on the same page. 

Construction timeline

A long-term construction project inevitably increases construction costs. While delays due to weather and other unforeseen events are unavoidable, commercial construction companies must account for them before proposing a schedule to complete the project. 

Safety records

You must ask the prospective construction contractor about their safety protocols and record. The company’s prime concern must be the safety of its employees. If you find a builder who hesitates to reveal their safety records or discuss safety insurance details, they may be hiding something.

Here are some of the questions you can ask regarding safety:

  • Can you share your safety records?
  • Can you provide specific references to support your safety claims?
  • Do you have liability insurance cover?
  • Do you comply with the state’s worksite safety standards?
  • What are your safety standards on the construction site?
  • What are your injury prevention guidelines?

Transparency in expense classification 

Construction projects are costly, and managers must, therefore, work on a strict budget. A reliable construction business will lay out all expenses and clarify them before starting the project. Make sure your contract includes details about the factors that can affect the costs. The company must also help you keep track of the expenses, so you don’t exceed the budget. 

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