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"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value"

The Avatar team has been building ideas into reality since 1999. Avatar Construction provides comprehensive design-build construction contracting services throughout New England and the Northeast. Our work comes with certain standards of quality, timeliness, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. The culture and systems used by Avatar Construction enables us to provide outstanding customer service to our clients. Avatar was recently featured in Home Builder Digest! See the full article here: Avatar Construction in Home Builder Digest

Smart Decisions

We believe that informed decisions regarding construction management and development are of paramount importance to you in your goals of achieving financial security.  There are many components necessary to increase financial wealth, whether you are adding to your property or building new. Educating our clients in fully understanding these various components is our prime focus.  We understand the local real estate market, valuable design-build concepts, and how to obtain long-term financial security.


Our team has core values that drive our day to day activities along with our future long-term strategies.

Integrity & Ethical Behavior

Our goal is to have our clients understand and trust that we have their best interests at heart. A huge factor that helps achieve this is integrity and ethical behavior in everything we do. Everything.

Proven Strategies

We are a team of highly skilled professionals who know what it takes for our clients to be satisfied. But we don’t do it alone. We have a team of highly skilled back-end support staff whose daily activities revolve around ‘What is important to the client?’. Whether you are undergoing through a concept design with one of our architects or have a very tight schedule to accommodate, we are always ready and prepared to achieve deadlines.

Education, not Selling

We will not ‘sell’ you. We know a lot about building, construction management, and real estate, both strategically and transactionally. Our goal is to educate you, the client, so that you can become the expert as well, and know that you are making wise decisions because you understand and know what is happening.

Excellence through Teamwork

The client is the focus of our business. As a team, we all work closely and seamlessly with the client to ensure we provide excellent and exceptional service. Our goal is to have you amazed at how our whole focus was on you and the success of your project.

Commercial Construction Services New England

We believe in providing quality work that you can depend on because it’s simply the right thing to do. It’s our goal to save you time and money. Your investment is something we take seriously. Taking proper care and consideration of your immediate and long term goals is extremely important to us. Our team consists of seasoned & highly qualified project managers, supervisors and professional installers, and all of our subcontractors are background verified & reference checked. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project, or learn more about some of our core services by visiting the pages below:

Free Commercial Construction FInancing Boston MA

Avatar Commercial Construction Financing

In order to give back and help enrich our local New England business community, we decided to offer competitive financing plans for our customers. We cover a portion of the cost of your commercial renovation up-front, deferring your payments to a later date with zero percent interest.

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