Important Tips for Building a Home Addition

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You love your home and where you live, but you simply need more space. Today, as home equity loans become more affordable, many people are opting to build home additions. While building a home addition is exciting, there are several things you should keep in mind to ensure your new space suits your needs and meshes well with your existing home.

  1. Think about your current and future needs. A home addition is a substantial investment. You want to make sure it meets your needs, both now, and into the future. Prioritize a list of requirements for your new space and share them with your contractor.
  2. Watch the scale and be mindful of angles. Whether you’re adding a new bedroom or a sunroom, be sure it doesn’t overpower your existing home. Of course, your addition should fall in line with the style and pitch, or angle of your home’s roof.

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  1. Don’t forget about your features. A well-designed home addition will complement and/or mirror the features–from windows and trim, to doors and lighting–of your original dwelling.
  2. Don’t leave out the landscaping. When budgeting for your addition, don’t forget to include some money for landscaping, which should follow the design and style of the rest of your home. Otherwise, your new home addition may look incomplete and hastily tacked on.
  3. Look inside and outside. A properly designed home addition not only adds valuable space, but looks good from both the inside and outside. Some companies, like Avatar Construction, use 3-D design technology, to let you virtually walk around your new space before construction even begins.

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Thinking About a Home Addition in NH or MA?

Avatar Construction’s team of designers, architects, and builders works closely with you, turning your visions into beautifully crafted spaces that meet your needs and add value to your home. If you’re thinking about building a custom home addition, contact the trusted professionals at Avatar Construction today. With our 0% finance program for home remodeling in NH and MA, you couldn’t pick a better time to add on to your home.

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