8 Cost-effective Ways to Remodel your Office

Remodel your office

The U.S. commercial property remodeling market stood at 34.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and has been growing since the trend began in 2011. When starting an office renovation, managers need adequate time to plan the projects and determine a reasonable budget, so they don’t overspend their resources. However, renovation becomes challenging when your company is working on a strict budget. 

If you have a low budget for renovating your office, here are eight cost-effective tips to consider:

Add a fresh coat of paint

One of the least expensive ways to freshen up your office space is to paint it with a bright color. You can even get your employees together for a fun evening. Select a few color palettes and ask your employees to choose the final shade. Use water tones for a more pleasant ambiance.

Cut the clutter

A clean and clutter-free office space creates a positive environment. Start by removing worn-out furniture and appliances. Make more room for fun activities by getting rid of anything you aren’t using anymore. For example, if you don’t use the conference room table, give it to charity or sell it. 

Also, ask all the employees to take a day and cut the clutter around their desks and workspaces. You’ll be surprised how much space can create by decluttering and moving out unused desks and cubicles.

Buy reliable appliances

You can save money by selecting reliable appliances that will last a long time and require minimum maintenance over the years. For example, you can powder coat all the items in your office kitchen, increasing their durability and providing resistance to corrosion. As your office kitchen will be a shared space and employees will frequently use appliances, you must invest in durable products with a high-quality finish. 

Add plants

Studies show that adding plants to your office space has many benefits. They have a relaxing effect, help employees to calm down, and boost productivity. They may even counteract the “sick building syndrome” by cleaning the air and reducing absenteeism. A bit of greenery adds a delicate touch to most spaces. You can also ask employees to include small plants in their individual workspaces. 

Add quirky accents

To give a bit of personality to your office space, invite your employees to come up with a theme and help you hunt garage sales and thrift stores. Encourage them to bring out their creative side and decorate the space with unique ideas. 

Rearrange current furniture

If you are working on a meager budget, give your office a facelift by painting your furniture and revamping your layout. You can switch the seating plan from cubicles to an open concept to allow teams more space to brainstorm and effectively communicate. 

Refresh what you have

You can refresh the look of your office by adding a coat of paint to old desks and chairs. Repaint beat-up chalkboards that are worn-out. A few minor changes cost very little money but make your office seem almost like new. If you need new things, pick up used versions at swap meets or secondhand stores and refinish them so they look fresh.

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