5 Home Remodeling Tips from the Experts

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You’ve been itching to remodel your home for awhile now and the time has finally come! Before you get started, check out these 5 home remodeling tips from the experts at Avatar Construction.

1. Plan Now and Save Later

The more time you spend developing and finalizing your home remodeling plan with your contractor, the more likely you are to realize cost savings and prevent expensive change orders down the road. So take some time to write down what is and isn’t working in the area you’re remodeling. For example, you don’t have enough counter space in your kitchen, but your side pantry works fine for you. Get inspiration on how you want your remodeled space to look and feel by flipping through some decorator magazines, researching the internet, and visiting local show rooms.

2. Focus on What You Really Need

Do you really need that trendy, ultra-expensive backsplash tile? Scale back and cut out the fluff when you can. An experienced contractor like Avatar Construction can help you find the appropriate materials and products for your project without breaking your bank.

3. Consider Design and Function

When remodeling, be sure to consider both design and function. Consider the following:

  • intended use of your space
  • flow of your space
  • placement of electrical outlets
  • telephone and cable hook-up locations
  • lighting requirements
  • current and future storage needs

4. Ask for a 3-D Design Plan

Investing in a 3-D design plan gives you the advantage of being able to virtually walk around your space before your residential remodeling project even begins.

5. Stick to Your Budget

Determine your budget and be disciplined about sticking to it. Every little upgrade and splurge adds up. Find a contractor like Avatar Construction, who is willing to “value engineer” your project. An experienced contractor can help you stick with your budget, working with you and your designer to come up with creative ways achieve your desired remodel for less.

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The experienced professionals at Avatar Construction will remodel your existing area into a beautiful, well-crafted space that will serve your needs for years to come. And to help reduce the cost of your project, we offer 0% financing for residential remodeling in NH and MA. Contact us today to discuss your home remodeling project.

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